About Us

About eXtreme Sport Christians

Have you ever had the desire to connect with other Christians who enjoy one or more extreme sports? Do you want to make new friends and be part of the next evolution in outreach ministry? We are a non-profit organization with a drive and passion to bring the message of Christ to the extreme sports community. Whether it is your first time trying the sport out or you've been ripping it up for years, XSC can help you find Christians who enjoy the same extreme sport as you in your local area.

You can build relationships and grow in your walk with Christ through fellowship, Bible studies, and serving the community via your local chapter. XSC serves as a bridge between the community and the church.

Our Mission

Connect Christians who enjoy extreme sports and share the love of Christ in the extreme sports community.

Our Vision

Enable our members to easily find local Christians who enjoy extreme sports, anywhere in the world.

Establish local chapters worldwide focused on fellowship and sharing the love of Jesus in the extreme sport community

We plan on accomplishing this vision by empowering chapters with our technology, resources, and ministry parternships.

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