The Walk

Start a Chapter

Interested in becoming the leader of a XSC chapter?
We'd love to know if you're interested in starting up your own. We have a chapter framework in place currently and have the support of local churches and other ministries. You can expect the following benefits from starting a chapter:

  1. National Identity
    • Logos - vector graphics allow scaling for everything from clothing up to tents
    • Name - Chapters can create their own name, use one of the national names (XSC, Christian Snowboarders, etc) or some combination of the two
    • Various linked domain names -,,etc
    • Email address(es) with domain name
  2. Incorporated, non-profit 501[c](3) status
  3. Materials
    • eXtreme Sport Bibles - this includes professional extreme sport athlete testimonies, tract, and new testament
    • Pamphlets - professionally designed, promote XSC at your church or events
  4. Assistance planting/starting your chapter
  5. Your own chapter webpage
  6. Online access to member database, including advanced search capabilities

If you are interested in starting a chapter or already have an extreme sport ministry with a mission similar to XSC, please contact us.

All chapter leaders are required to fill out an application form in order to become a new chapter.

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